It’s August 31 1945 when Lieutenant Charles H. Richer, 1st Canadian Parachute Batallion, Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, takes this astonishing photo in front of the Friso barracks in Ede (Gelderland, the Netherlands).

The game is played by women from the Eager Beavers and men from the Regina Rifle Regiment. The Eager Beavers are an entertaining group on tour through Europe after the war had ended. The regiment is temporarily stationed in Ede, waiting to make the journey back.

This photo got SCOREBOEK started in the summer of 2016. The first baseball scorebook made in the Netherlands. Ever. SCOREBOEK is part of Sietsma Publishing and is proud to keep the history of Charles H. Richer alive and tell the story of baseball, war, scorekeeping and community.

The remaining Scoreboek baseball scorebooks are sold on Etsy.